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Thank you for visiting my site. My main intent is to use this site as a tool to market myself and to show some of what I am capable of.


Currently I have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Web Development and I am working on a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Boise State University. I have had the fantastic opportunity recently to work at BSU in the Office of Information Technology on the WordPress Support Team. There I have learned about writing and maintaining WordPress plugins and have gained experience in what it takes to manage a large conglomerate of sites in WordPress. My computer equipment and I are renting a room in Meridian. While a server closet would be nice I'm very grateful for the stable environment that my landlord and roommates provide.

What I'm aiming for...

At this point in my life there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I'm keeping a greedy eye out for a programming internship, but even if I found one I'm not sure that I could fit it in. I was hoping I would have more time this coming Summer, but my advisor has talked me into taking CS 342 as the required, core class will soon be cut from the department's course offerings.

I've planned out my classes for the next two years and if everything goes perfectly with a load of thirteen to sixteen credits each semester I can finish by Sping 2015.